39 party recipes for large tables

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to get together with family or friends. But hosting for 8, 12, even 20 people is quite a challenge! Fortunately, by choosing recipes suitable for large tables and by getting organized, we have all the keys to success.

Friendliness, speed and organization

These are the key words when receiving people. From the outset, the choice of recipes is important, since they must suit as many people as possible. As a starter, we put for example on soups or salads. These types of preparations can be prepared in large quantities without much work. As a main dish, we will favor all-in-one dishes such as risottos, pasta, stews, shepherd’s pie… You can also opt for a nice piece of meat. We generally recommend a roast of 2 kg for 12 people, so remember to adapt the quantities. As an accompaniment, bet on a pan-fried or mashed vegetable. Holiday gratins are also the ideal solution for large tables.
For dessert, we also favor XXL recipes such as pies, cakes and sweet cakes. If you love the log, we advise you to choose an iced log, faster to prepare than a pastry log.

Also, we advise you to carry out as many steps as possible in advance. Recipes frozen, simmered, soups, are prepared without problem the day before, even the day before. All you have to do is reheat for a few minutes before serving.

Should I opt for a buffet dinner?

Chic and convivial, a party buffet can be the solution for large receptions. The only condition is not to fall into the trap of mouthfuls, verrines, and other individual preparations, since that takes a lot of time. As for a meal at the table, we therefore keep the spirit of large-format recipes, but let everyone help themselves.
On the whole, avoid individual recipes, which require to be prepared at the last minute, or a particular dressing. You won’t have time when the time comes, and the goal isn’t to spend the whole evening in the kitchen.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own. You have the right to ask for help from your guests who, we are sure, will be delighted to help out. Also, do not hesitate to suggest that everyone brings something for the meal. This makes it possible to share the costs more equitably, but above all the mental load.
Remember that the important thing during the holidays is to enjoy and have fun.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

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