Astrology, lithotherapy, lunar calendar: our selection of 2023 diaries

It is almost time to welcome the year 2023. Before lighting the fireworks and making good resolutions, one last mission falls to us: find the ideal agenda that will allow us to organize ourselves as well as possible in the next twelve months. Whether you are a fan of astrology, passionate about the Moon, a lover of stones and lithotherapy or a budding witch, there is a variation of magic calendars for each profile. It’s no secret that for a few years now, the shelves of our bookstores have been invaded by esoteric works. Books to help us decipher the tarot or get started in the interpretation of dreams, cosmic energies or lunar cycles are not lacking. Between all that, it is therefore difficult to manage to find your way around. What is the difference between a witch’s almanac and a diary that follows the cycles of the seasons? Should we fall for a lunar calendar or an astrological diary? Is it the same? Small selection to help you find your ideal organizing partner for 2023.

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What is the best calendar?

As there is no good or bad astrological sign, there is also no perfect calendar. To learn to live by following the rhythm of the seasons, the lunar cycles, the energies dispensed above our heads by the stars, there are a multitude of proposals. The themes are numerous, enough to allow you to find the rare pearl that will satisfy your desires. After the success of his previous diary, astrologer Yasmin Boland returns with “Lunology” to allow everyone to understand the influence of Full Moons and New Moons on our lives. Joyce Duval, Isabelle Cerf or the Astro bistrot team decipher the planetary movements and give us turnkey horoscopes to become a retrograde pro. Are you more into little potions and rituals? For witches in search of new knowledge, “the diary of the sowers of light signed by the Bodin sisters or the “Almanac of witches and enchantresses” should delight them. Finally, our friends Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the natives of the Earth signs, have the right to go back to basics thanks to the lithotherapy diary, “Stones & Crystals”. A guide, month by month, if not week by week, to discover the power of minerals while learning to release your inner strength.

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