Easy recipes: Laurent Mariotte shares his tips for making the classics of French cuisine a success

With his new book “La cuisine française pour tous”, columnist and culinary animator Laurent Mariotte explains how to make the great classics of French cuisine step by step. To your stoves!

Laurent Mariotte is releasing a new cookbook and it could quickly become indispensable in your culinary library. In effect, the host of the program “Small dishes in balance” broadcast on TF1 had the ambition to bring together in a single book all the great classics of French cuisine and to make them accessible to as many people as possible. The title alone sums up this promise: “French cuisine for all” !

Dishes of French cuisine revisited by Laurent Mariotte

“I’ve been dreaming about it for years”declares the host on his Instagram account about his new book which comes out October 6. And this dream come true is 264 pages. A sum that brings together the most emblematic dishes of French cuisine. But also all the indications to make them easily at home. Eggs mayonnaise, leek vinaigrettes, stew, stuffed tomatoes, cheese soufflé, chocolate mousse, rice pudding, strawberry charlotte… He also explains step by step how to make them at home. Each recipe is explained on one page and accompanied by a visual. The columnist takes the opportunity to slip in some advice. For example, to successfully cuta roasted chicken, make an aioli sauce. In total, there are 80 recipes to discover or rediscover.

French cuisine for all: why Laurent Mariotte’s book will become a must-have

Laurent Mariotte is not content to bring together 80 classics of French cuisine. He introduces each dish with a few lines about his creation: “telling the little stories that have made these great classics part of the great history of our cuisine”, he summarizes. The columnist host also takes the opportunity to slip in a few anecdotes such as the one concerning chocolate mousse and its two schools, the one that uses egg whites, and the second that prefers whipped cream. He chooses the first for his recipe. It appears that this book could quickly become a must for cooking.

While waiting to get it or offer it to you, review Laurent Mariotte’s classics such as the hachis parmentier or the macaroni gratin that we have shared with you. Or by going to the site laurenmariotte.com where the columnist regularly adds effective and simple recipes for a balanced and seasonal cuisine.

French cuisine for all264 pages, €21.90, Solar editions.


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