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To continue on our line of starred recipes at low prices, we offer you today caramelized quails accompanied by butternut squash and a touch of foie gras, Christmas obliges! We owe this festive dish to chef Rémy Giraud.

Ingredients :

– Quails
– Carrots
– Leek
– Celery
– Onion
– Butternut squash
– Mushrooms
– Shallots
– Foie gras

Recipe :

1. Bone the quails, remove the fillets and quail legs and set aside
2. Color the quail bones
3. Add the aromatic garnishes and cover with water, to reduce for 1 hour
4. Make cylinders with the butternut and let them cook in orange juice and cinnamon, let the squash cook until it becomes tender
5. Cut the mushrooms into pieces, fry them with shallots and butter until they color, then reduce to a puree
6. Season and fry the foie gras
7. Spread the mushroom purée on the quails, add the foie gras escalope and add the quail leg. Wrap everything in a strip of filo pastry
8. Color the roll on both sides, bake for 8 minutes at 200 degrees
9. Dress it up!

Chief : Remy Gireaud

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