Our easy recipe for stuffed sweet onions

They can be eaten raw or cooked, are very delicate and, in addition, they don’t make you cry! These are the sweet onions of the Cévennes, a variety of onions harvested at the beginning of the year, with a light color, slightly sweet and full of juice – that could be the description of a fruit, right? In this delicious and not witchy recipe, they provide a nice alternative to stuffed tomato! It should be noted that these precious onions, planted, picked and dried by humans and not by machines, have benefited from a Protected Designation of Origin since 2008, and that they are at least twice as expensive as classic yellow onions ( i.e. 6 to 8 euros per kilo).

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1h10

Cost/person: €2.70

The ingredients for 4 people

  • 4 large sweet Cévennes onions
  • 150g ground beef
  • 50 g of bacon
  • 130g pumpkin
  • 1 handful of hazelnuts
  • 4 pinches of thyme
  • 5 sprigs of parsley
  • 1 C. c. cumin
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil

The steps of the recipe

1. Peel

Peel the squash and cut it into small pieces.

Peel the onions, lightly cut the base and then the top to two-thirds for the hats.

Dig the inside of the onions with a teaspoon without piercing them.

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil.

2. Mix

Mix the hazelnuts with the pumpkin, the bacon bits and the parsley. Add ground beef, cumin, thyme, salt and pepper. Mix well, with your hands, it’s fine.

3. Dive

Plunge the hollowed out onions into boiling water and let them bubble for 5 minutes.

Drain them and place them in a greased baking dish. Fill them with stuffing, pressing down and forming a dome. Lay the hats on their side in the dish. Drizzle everything with olive oil.

4. Bake

Bake for 40 to 45 minutes at 180°C in rotating heat.

Lay a sheet of parchment paper over the stuffing if it browns too quickly.

Serve with a little chopped parsley.

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