Roast duck breast with foie gras from chef Fabrice Mignot

What are you going to prepare for Christmas Eve? Chef Fabrice Mignot offers several recipes specially concocted for the holidays. And as we are in Occitania, the duck invites itself to your table in the form of roast duck breast with foie gras wrapped in crispy puff pastry. Are you tempted?

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Christmas is fast approaching and the eternal question of the New Year’s Eve meal arises. And if for once, you let yourself be guided by a chef?
Fabrice Mignotvirtuoso in the kitchen and perfect popularizer of culinary tips, especially on the show “You Are Formidable” on France 3 Occitanie gives you some ideas of dishes to prepare.
We have selected for you the famous roast duck breast with foie gras, Wellington style.
But also an original starter, the oyster and scallop tartare, creamy cauliflower-coconut and for dessert the banoffee ganache Dulcey.

And all this in joy and good humor with the advice of Fabrice Mignot. To your stoves!

Ingredients for 4 persons
Prank call : 1 shallot and 400 g button mushrooms
Roast duck breast
2 duck breasts and 100g semi-cooked foie gras
3g salt
3 turns of ground pepper
30g Dijon mustard
10 thin slices of smoked bacon
1 puff pastry, 1 egg yolk, 3g fleur de sel

The joke
Peel the mushrooms, cut them in 4. Peel the shallot, cut it in 4. Mix the mushrooms and the shallot until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Put this preparation in a hot pan and cook for 15 minutes while stirring to evaporate the moisture. Book cool.

Duck breast roast
Remove the skin from one of the duck breasts. Cut small rectangles of semi-cooked foie gras. Season the 2 duck breasts on the flesh side with salt and pepper. Make a grid with a knife on the fat of the duck breast. Lay the duck breast with the fat face down on the board. Position the foie gras in the center along the entire length.

Cover with the other duck breast. Tie the roast, sear it in a frying pan over medium heat on the fat side for 2 minutes, turn it over and sear it on the flesh side over high heat for 2 minutes.
Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

On a cling film, arrange the thin slices of bacon overlapping them a little. Spread the mushroom mixture on top then arrange the duck breast. With a brush, brush it with mustard. Gently roll up and wrap tightly in cling film.
Put in the freezer for 30 minutes.

The cooking
Preheat the oven to 210°C. Spread the puff pastry on the work surface. Take the duck breast out of the freezer, remove the cling film and place it on the dough, roll it up in this one. Brush the puff pastry with egg yolk then draw shapes with the back of the knife blade on top.

Sprinkle with a little fleur de sel. Bake at 210°C for 30 minutes. Take the duck breast out of the oven, let it rest on a rack for about ten minutes before cutting it into slices about 1 cm thick.

See you soon with new recipes from Fabrice Mignot in duet with Caroline Estremo in the brand new show “The Kitchen of the Musketeers” at from Saturday 7 January 2023.

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