Rustic pear and chocolate tart recipe

Once you have tasted the rustic pear and chocolate tart, you become completely addicted!

Pears and chocolate, it’s a marriage of flavors that always has an effect on us. After having overwhelmed your taste buds with the pear and chocolate upturned cake, we invite you to discover a new gourmet recipe for a rustic pie! Completely addictive, this delicacy will inevitably be unanimous at dessert time. For more originality, dare the pear meringue pie. And to fill your guests with indulgence this fall, follow our chef’s pecan and almond pie recipe, a pure delight!

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To make this recipe, follow the steps below:


For 6 persons

Ingredients :

For the pie dough:
– 250g of flour
– 30 g brown sugar
– 1 pinch of vanilla powder
– 150 g of butter
– 2 CASE of water

For the chocolate almond cream:
– 60 g of sugar
– 60 g of melted butter
– 1 egg
– 1 CASE of bitter cocoa powder
– 60 g almond powder

– 3 pears
– 1 egg yolk
– 2 CASE of slivered almonds
– Chocolate syrup or melted dark chocolate

Preparation :

1. Prepare the pie dough: mix the flour, brown sugar, vanilla and butter cut into pieces. Mix until you get a sandy texture. Then pour a little water and mix, the dough should not be too crumbly but not sticky. Form a ball and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, prepare the chocolate almond cream: beat the sugar with the melted butter. Add the egg, bitter cocoa and ground almonds, mixing between each addition.

3. Make a fairly large disc with the pie dough (it’s okay if it’s not perfect). Spread the chocolate almond cream on top, leaving a free outline of about 3 cm.

4. Peel the pears and cut them into strips. Place them on the pie and fold the edges of the dough over. Brush with egg yolk and sprinkle with slivered almonds.

5. Bake for 30 minutes at 180°C.

6. Once the pie is golden brown, pour a nice drizzle of chocolate syrup (or melted chocolate).

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