the alliance of a chef and a stylist who has it all

Unity is strength ! Camille and Eric prove it once again with skillfula hybrid place (and resolutely 10th arrondissement) where kitchen and fashion are in tune: on the one hand, good products simmered without fuss but with generosity, on the other mixed essentials made from beautiful materials. From breakfast to dinner, we love meeting there, like in a second home.

“Draw me the perfect apron!” It’s thanks to this request from her darling Eric Fontaniniformer head of Palais Royal restaurant (trained at Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse), than the stylist Camille Andrieux (Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Iro) begins to reflect on a mixed dressing room.

It was five years ago and at the time it was still a bit lunar. “We have a different morphology but we like the same clothes, so I came to design a unisex collection, both of which can be worn.” First fashion label online and in ephemeral pop-ups, skillful turns into a place of life where you can taste and dress. “Every time when people knew that Eric was a chef, we talked more about roast than about fashion“, laughs Camille today.

You and me it’s forever

“We don’t want fashion that you consume and throw away, we want fashion that you will spend time with.” As proof, the labels that accompany each of the pieces: We go to your place ? ; You and me it’s forever… as if we were going to establish a lasting relationship with our clothes!

Our favorite pieces? The reversible jacket kind workwear available in four colors (€245), the sweater made from end of stock St. James or a scarf muff really nice (€135).

It is on the ground floor that we feast. Your choice, on the tables and benches, at the emerald-colored bar or directly in the open kitchen in the company of the very friendly and passionate Eric who tells you all about his choices of wines (biodynamic, organic and nature), his producers fetishes, her receipts scoundrels or his anecdotes.

On the menu created by Tiger Paperwe choose according to the time and the mood snacked pear granola (11 €), a French toast (10 €) and a cookies ultra-gourmet (€4), a soup of the day and a ham and Tomme de Bray brioche toast or a poultry, hazelnut, mushroom pie, a pesto fried egg, pork, which you will tell us about or Saints – Jacques well pearly with endives and candied shallots with orange. Special mention for the divine confit lamb neck 8h accompanied by panisse, celery leaves and a meat juice. Little more ? On the dessert side, it also holds up with a milk rice of competition with olive oil or warm chocolate mousse.

skillfulopen Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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