This amazing waffle will become a staple of your brunches!

Social networks are often precursors when it comes to trends, particularly in the culinary field. As the month of February approaches, one would have thought that pancakes would be queens on the occasion of Candlemas, yet the latter were upstaged by the waffles.

Indeed, for a few weeks already, this new recipe has been circulating everywhere on the platforms and in particular on TikTok or Instagram. Recently, we shared with you an express waffle recipe that will clearly save your mornings. Today again, we decided to surprise you. This time, we prefer salty. But contrary to what you may think, we are not going to share a simple salty waffle batter recipe with you, no. We make you discover a real revisit of this classic.

Simple, fast and light: this recipe is about to become the star preparation of your brunches, the one that may replace the famous avocado toast in the future. The advantage? You can adapt this version according to your desires.

We don’t make you languish any longer and we reveal this recipe that will undoubtedly conquer your taste buds soon.

Brunches have been on the rise lately, that’s undeniable. But by dint of overdoing it, we are starting to get a little tired of eggs Benedict or avocado toast. This is good sincewe have found the waffle recipe that will shake up your habits for your greatest pleasure.

Indeed, on Instagram, we were able to discover the recipe for @recipesbyanne. The particularity of its preparation? Instead of making a classic waffle batter, we opt instead for sticky rice. Do not hesitate to use sticky sushi rice for example or leftover risotto from the day before so that the rice sticks well and forms a uniform pancake. Then add the rice in the device to make a classic pancake and it is perfectly illusion. You get a rice waffle. All you have to do is add avocado, salmon and a little spicy mayonnaise sauce and you’re done. Then it’s up to you to give free rein to your imagination. to create new recipes from this database.

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Like what a waffle has never been so quick and easy to make, right?

And to vary the pleasures, we share 10 ultra simple waffle recipes!

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