what do we eat in China, Vietnam and Korea?

On Sunday January 22, much of Asia will celebrate the Lunar New Year. Transition from one year to another, renewal, celebration that celebrates the end of the harvest or the very beginning of spring. Like Western Christmas, the Lunar New Year is above all a family celebration. A party that brings together parents, children, more or less distant cousins.

While in the West, this holiday has long been called Chinese New Year – certainly due to an extremely large Chinese diaspora -, it is essential to remember that several other countries also celebrate it. Hong Kong, South Korea, Tibet, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia are also associated.

Lunar New Year: Different Foods

For this Miam in France, Fred Ricou has invited three gourmet people who will celebrate it with the family in a few days:

Juliette Ju, the Korean chef at the Octave restaurant, arrived in France around twenty years ago. She tells us about this party called Seollal, about what we eat there and especially about her memories related to it.

Yin-Line Chea is an independent chef. She can also be seen regularly making recipes on the program “Chef Pays“. Yin-Line is French with Vietnamese and Cambodian parents. Every year, she celebrates Têt with her family!

Philippe Chieu is responsible for the Asian food chain Hoa Nam. Philippe is Sino-Vietnamese and the products he sells come directly from his grandmother’s recipe book. The star product of this period being… the spring roll!

A Miam in France to listen to with a rabbit friend and a pair of chopsticks!

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