Where to celebrate Chinese New Year in Paris?

The spring festival begins the day before the transition to the new year, and ends fifteen days later, with the day of the lanterns. The two-week Lunar New Year celebrations are thus devoted to getting rid of the bad influences of the past year, and attracting good fortune.

The calm before the storm

If 2022 was the year of change, driven by the energy of the Water Tiger, the year of the Water Rabbit should be more tranquil. The 4e Chinese zodiac sign is for the peace of peoples, loves dialogue and compromise. His excellent sense of communication is further supported by the presence of the water element, intimately linked to emotions. Beware, however, of the risk of flooding, as it is easy to get overwhelmed. To avoid disaster, we do not hesitate to go into our burrow from time to time by offering moments of disconnection. Just enough time to breathe a little before next year which, spoiler alert, will be that of the Wood Dragon.


Good news, after two years of absence, the traditional parade of 13e arrondissement will be back on January 29, 2023. Activities will also be offered by some town halls during the two weeks of Chinese New Year.
Finally, many establishments will prepare themed menus to celebrate the event, including Bao Express, Shang Palace, and the Golden Lys. If you have never tasted lacquered duck or Chinese baos, emblematic of Asian street food, now is a good time to try these specialties.
You can also discover other dishes from Korea, Vitenam, or Malaysia, because this festival actually concerns many Asian countries. Which means so many different cuisines and flavors to discover.

To be continued: our selection of restaurants to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2023.

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