10 Super Easy Halloween Snacks | Bitten

Fruit plate Boo!

Ghostly bananas, can it be? Eh yes! Just slice a few centimeters off each end of the fruit and gently squeeze chocolate chips near the rounded end. To recreate these pumpkins, you peel a clementine and put a small piece of celery or green pepper on it as a stem.

Grilled mummies

Here are sandwiches that are ready in a jiffy with ingredients that haunt the back of your fridge or your pantry. You will need sliced ​​bread, ketchup (or tomato sauce), cheese, and pitted olives. You pass these mummies under the grill for a few minutes and voila!

Crackers from beyond

For pale crackers or cookies, spread them with vanilla frosting or cream cheese. Raisins, chocolate chips or blueberries make up the faces of these friendly ghosts.

skeleton owl

No need to break your head to reproduce this cute skeleton. A platter of pre-cut vegetables and a tray of sliced ​​mushrooms will work just fine. Our recommendations for homemade dips: onion, ranch or curry.

The blobs strike back

These little desserts inspired by the film Hotel Transylvania will steal the show! The day before your festivities, concoct your own jelly – vegan or not – or buy a canned mix. You can collect glass yogurt jars to serve it. Sugar eyes can be bought as is online or in pastry shops. But nothing prevents you from making them yourself using small marshmallows, in which you press mini chocolate chips.

Strawberries from beyond the grave

Does your strawberry punnet contain some ugly fruit? Bring them back to life as chocolate bites! After washing the strawberries, dip them in melted white chocolate and let them cool. Then paint the eyes and mouth with melted brown or dark chocolate and let it cool again. We bet these little fruity ghosts will disappear before you have time to scream boo!


These pizzas are perfect for refueling before you start picking candy. For the base, use mini breads (pita, naan) or even a rice cake. Top it with tomato sauce, salsa or pesto, and cheese. And forget the gourmet marinades! You need the good old can of pitted black olives in brine: their firm flesh slices easily and keeps its shape during cooking.

Evil smiles

Apple season and Halloween overlap…there’s plenty to smile about! Slices of apple are spread here with nut butter before we slip in a few miniature marshmallows. Two stick almonds as canines will add a vampiric touch to these original bites.

evil clown

Here is a plate of raw vegetables that will delight fans of Stephen King! A simple paring knife and a peeler are enough to reproduce this frightening vegetable portrait, composed of zucchini, peppers, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower. Without any cooking! For the mouth, you will need black olives and a food of your choice for sharp teeth: kohlrabi, cucumber or cheese.

chocolate mummies

The choice is yours: run to the grocery store at the end of the day to find ready-made cupcakes and frosting, or start a festive culinary project on Sunday. If you choose the latter option, take a look at our recipes for chocolate cupcakes and sugar icing. All you have to do is find a few colorful candies from the store to adorn your chocolate mummies.

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