20 fall dishes without an oven

Doing without an oven does not necessarily mean cooking without baking, even if it remains an option. Thanks to the electric plates, you can bet on quick or longer cooking depending on the recipe.

Recipes easy to make without an oven

Just seared meats; wok-seared vegetables; Gourmet risotto, or vegetables simply blanched in water then mixed into gourmet autumn soups, are seasonal suggestions that can be made, even without an oven. Ideal when you are constrained by a small kitchen!

Another good idea to keep in mind when you’re in a hurry: all the variations around eggs. Between the poached eggs; frittata; tortilla; scramble; Omelette ; All these recipes are easy to make and especially quick to cook. To transform them into a seasonal delicacy, we incorporate spices, squash, mushrooms, sweet potato, or even cheese. We also think of the various and varied creams – fresh, vegetable, coconut cream – which add a lot of sweetness to the dishes.

The case of autumn salads

Another easy option to set up: fall salads. With simple cubes of butternut squash, pumpkin, or sweet potato, roasted in butter in a sauté pan, to be combined with leafy greens, cubes of blue cheese, and dry-roasted (or not) nuts, you get a dish of season easy to make, and to evolve. You can also include cold cuts, legumes to be cooked or already cooked, cereals, or croutons of homemade bread, to complete.

To be continued: 20 proposals for autumn dishes to be made without an oven.

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