Can we freeze pâté and how to do it?

Do you have leftover pâté that you will surely not eat in the week following its purchase or its opening? Have you stocked up on a promotion? Have you prepared homemade pâté in large quantities? Rest assured, you can freeze your pâté for months to come, to avoid any mess and enjoy it later, when you want and need it.

Yes, pâté is one of those improbable foods that can be frozen without problems, like most deli meats. However, there are a few tips that can make a difference when storing pâté, allowing you to freeze it optimally while preserving its taste, nutrients and texture. Here are our tips.

How to freeze pâté?

It is better to freeze the pâté in slices or pieces, rather than whole. This promotes good conservation of the product and allows you to use the amount you will need later, without defrosting the entire pâté.

To obtain an optimal result, after having cut it and slipped it into a freezer bag, it is important to eliminate as much air as possible from the bag, before closing it and putting it in the freezer. This will prevent excess air and liquid from forming in the pouch. If you have a vacuum sealer, feel free to use it to seal the pâté well before freezing it.

How to defrost it?

To thaw your pâté optimally and try to keep its texture and taste, you will need to follow a few simple but important rules. To start, know that, as with most foods, it is best not to let the pâté thaw at room temperature or not to expose it to a direct heat source, in order to avoid the development of bacteria dangerous to health. .

Instead, place the pâté in the refrigerator and wait for it to thaw gently: depending on the size of the pieces, this may take between 12 and 24 hours. Once properly thawed, it is best to eat the pâté within two days of thawing to avoid the risk of food poisoning.

After thawing, if you realize that the smell or taste of the pâté is unpleasant or rancid, it would be better not to consume it. Be aware, in any case, that freezing can cause the pâté to lose its flavor slightly.

How long can we keep it?

Each pâté has its own taste and texture characteristics, but in general it can be considered that a pâté well packaged and sealed in its freezer bag can be kept for two to three months.

Can we refreeze it?

No, the pâté cannot be re-frozen once thawed! Always keep in mind that in general it is not advisable to refreeze food, as this could favor the proliferation of bacteria dangerous to health.

Should you freeze it whole or in portions?

In order to allow optimal conservation of the pâté, as already explained, it is preferable to avoid freezing it whole, as it would risk becoming waterlogged and losing its taste characteristics and creamy texture. Instead, cut it into mono-portions, chunks or slices, to place in individual freezer bags for proper storage.

How to freeze other types of deli meats?

Like pâté, hams, sausages and terrines also tolerate freezing well. The only deli meats that should not be frozen are those that contain gelatin, an ingredient that does not like the cold.

Whatever type of deli you want to store, it should be as fresh as possible when freezing. Wrap the product in cling film or aluminum foil, trying to eliminate the air and place it in an airtight container suitable for freezing. In this way, you will be able to keep your deli meats for two to three months.

Recipes with pâté

Now that you know how to freeze pâtés and cold meats correctly, how about discovering some gourmet and anti-waste recipes, which will allow you to use your leftover pâté in an appetizing way.

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