how to fast with moon phases and boost weight loss in 24 hours!

Each weight loss diet represents a double-edged sword for the person who begins it. Lost weight can be regained soon after restrictions are applied and any deficiency carries health risks. Cardiovascular and metabolic morbidity and mortality may occur, bone mineral density may decrease, eating disorders are possible. So, losing weight with the moon sounds strange and is this alternative praised? We tried to decipher the relationship between the celestial body and weight loss.

Losing weight with the Moon: is there a link with the human body?

On the one hand, we are presented with a long list of restrictive diets such as keto, paleo or the zone. On the other hand, there are long-term “lifestyle” type diets such as the Mediterranean diet, the Okinawa diet, veganism or fruitarianism which advocates the consumption of certain fruits and prohibits other foods.

Fortunately, nutritionists have a fasting-like common ground and are unanimous that good results in a short time are possible if one chooses to lose weight with the moon. And since you’ve probably experienced plenty of full moon fasts and the post-holiday water diet, today we’re shining a spotlight on how the moon correlates with weight loss.

For centuries, hereditary gardeners have harmonized their work with the phases of the Moon.

We are clear with high tides and low tides, even the development of the fetus is influenced by the celestial body with regard to the amniotic fluid in which the future baby spends a small part of its life. And as our adult body contains about 65% water, the Moon could participate in weight loss.

lose weight with the moon lunar diet will hardly allow to achieve desired weight extra pounds

How to plan your meals for certain lunar days, how to undergo a full moon detox and what to expect as a result? Let’s find out!

A moon diet will hardly allow you to achieve the desired weight, but practice shows that it can easily help you lose a few excess pounds in a relatively short time. So what is the theory behind these practical results?

It is not too mystical to suggest that the moon has an impact on nature and living things. We can see it in the way the tides turn, and we can see it in the supermoon’s tangible effects on humans.

For example, with the change in gravitational pull throughout the lunar phases, the human body may experience changes in functions, including the ability to eliminate toxins and lose weight.

Many women share a positive experience following a menstrual cycle diet with interconnections with the phases of the moon, as the two processes are closely linked and interdependent.

So how do you choose the right moon food and let the weight of the moon support your efforts to shape your figure?

Lose weight with the moon testimonial

diet lose weight with the moon consider water-only diet food alternatives

Although widely considered a water-only diet, the Moon and its Phases Diet can actually include a wide variety of dietary alternatives.

The most basic and simplistic type of lunar diet is full moon water fasting, sometimes also practiced as new moon water fasting. In this case, you are only required to refrain from consuming solid foods during the new moon or full moon period of 24 to 26 hours.

Many people have reported losing up to 3 kg trying this 24 hour diet, and if you haven’t, give it another try.

If you prefer long-term plans and a systematic approach to weight loss, you can tailor your plates to each moon phase as described below.

The best time to launch your mission is two to three days before the event, when the first effects of the full moon on the detoxification of the body begin to manifest.

lose weight with the moon advice plan meals reduce portion sizes avoid solid foods

1.Reduce your portion sizes and avoid eating solid foods after 6 p.m.

2.Drink plenty of water to improve and speed up the process.

3. Add fresh fruit juices to your menu, but avoid fizzy or sugary drinks.

4.Avoid alcohol, milk and dairy products throughout the period.

If you feel like it, switch to an all-water diet during the 24-hour full moon period.

Dieting on a waning moon

After the full moon fatigue ends, two weeks of waning moon will follow. During this time, your body will have an increased ability to eliminate excess water, rejuvenate and eliminate toxic metabolites.

To support this process, you are advised to stick to your supplemental diet plan and drink at least 6-9 full glasses of water throughout the day. During this time, eat plenty of fresh, raw, fiber-rich foods and avoid adding too much salt, sugar, or fast carbohydrates to your meals.

lose weight with the moon advice dieting waning moon new

Dieting on a crescent moon

Once the waning moon passes, your appetite for unhealthy foods and snacks should increase. If this occasion matches your menstrual diet, you might experience food cravings and find it harder than usual to watch your snacking.

Some people believe that during a waxing moon the body creates energy reserves in the form of stored fat and excess water. This is a time to control yourself and overcome your animal nature, because Full Moon fatigue can be a breeze compared to growing hunger.

New moon dieting

When your diet software tells you the new moon is approaching, it’s water fasting time again. If you don’t like plain water, you can add freshly squeezed fruit juices to your menu, but avoid solid foods if possible.

The first food eaten during the following lunar cycle should be clean, fresh, lightly spiced and unprocessed. Sticking to an all-natural diet will take its toll, and mindful eating behavior will allow your body to eliminate anything that harms it.

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