our ultimate guide to the best places to taste great donuts in France

It’s National Donut Day this Friday, June 3! To take advantage of it, we have selected the best brands in 5 cities in France where you will be able to treat yourself. Simple chocolate, fruit or more gourmet icing with delicious toppings, there is something for everyone! Succumb to the delicious taste of this donut with a hole!

For the National Donut Day, this Friday, June 3we have selected you the best addresses in France where to taste it. Because if the adore it, it is very difficult to reproduce these delicacies at home so that they are as good as when you go to buy them. And for good reason, the dough requires a lot of attention, you have to bring a fryer, a lot of oil and finally, the essential element, you need a good recipe and believe me, they are well kept …

So, we offer you a list of brands that do great homemade donuts to taste in 5 cities of France : Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseilles and Toulouse.
Some like simple donuts, with sugar, melting chocolate ganache, cinnamon. While others like them very greedy, with a lot of topping on them! Do not panic, there is something for all gourmets in our selection. 🍩

Trick : to good see if donuts are homemade, there is something that does not deceive: the color of this one. Industrial donuts are much whiter, perfectly regular and do not have a nice white line that delimits their golden colors. Use your sharp eye to tell them apart.

Did you know : The women of the Red Cross, named Donut Dollies, supplied the soldiers with donuts during the Second World War!

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In Paris

Boneshakers Donuts
The temple of donuts in the heart of the capital. In 2015, Amanda Bankert (an American in Paris) bought a small homemade fryer for 10 euros at a garage sale in Montmartre and started making artisanal donuts. The following summer, she and her husband, Louis, opened the doors of their first store in the 2nd arrondissement of the capital. There, you are served donuts for all types of gourmands.
Avoid going there on weekends, because there is often a queue in front!

Address : 86 rue d’aboukir, 75002, Paris

The French donut
Since 2013, their replica is “0% additives and preservatives”. Each month a new collection is introduced. This month, surprising tastes are to be tasted: virgin mojito style, black forest, pavlova or even the most surprising, with hummus! Remember to order in advance or come early on site, it goes quickly!

Address : 56 Rue la Bruyere, 75009 Paris

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This is my donut

Four gourmet addresses to find in Paris, as well as in Val d’Europe, including a brand new one in the 5ᵉ arrondissement. Keep your eyes open, this brand often offers tempting offers.

Addresses :

  • Rue Gay-Lussac, 75005 Paris
  • 83 rue de Dunkerque, Paris 9
  • 49 rue du Chemin Vert, Paris 11
  • Val d’Europe shopping center, 14 Cr du Danube, 77700 Serris

In Nice

Springfield Donuts Factory

This brand was created in 2020 by David & Caroline Dumont, brother and sister, rocked since childhood in the American culture of the 80s. Springfield Donuts Factory, this name reminds us of the city where Omer Simpson, the biggest fan of donuts! Here is a nice photo with a regressive taste of raspberry…

Address : 3 Rue Chauvain, 06000 Nice

In Bordeaux


“Rolling donuts” is the motto of this food truck Bordeaux! It was in England, in the family bakery, that Rob, the manager of Bigbobdonuts, perfected his recipe for homemade donuts with his uncle! Events, gourmet and night markets in Bordeaux, but also in Lot-et-Garonne, a beautiful itinerary awaits this gourmet truck!

Sugar, double chocolate, cookie or sugar-cinnamon icing, you can taste these soft donuts with a good coffee, in the next event where the food truck will take place, this Sunday, during a Hip festival – Hop, not far from Bordeaux.

The address? No fixed address, but follow Bigbobdonuts’ journey on Instagram to find out where to find him.

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In Lyon

Hello Brooklyn

This brand has been making delicious donut cakes since 2011! But what is it ? This dough is similar to that found in a muffin or a cake, hence its name. It was after many trips to the United States that the very first shop opened in 2011. Each week, a donut is highlighted, this week it’s the banana-stuffed donut, chocolate icing and coconut pops, yum!

Address : 17 Rue Childebert, 69002 Lyon

In Toulouse

CocoRosa donuts

CocoRosa donuts is the very first donut bar in the pink city. Fresh donuts are made daily for the pleasure of all gourmets. We spotted a beautiful seasonal donut, “le fraise”, made with whipped cream and fresh strawberries from Cléry.

Address : 46 rue Boulbonne, in Toulouse.

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