43 Fall Recipes for a Tight Budget

How to cook for cheap this fall?

Think about seasonal products

Cabbages, mushrooms, apples, grapes… All these seasonal fruits and vegetables are back in force on the shelves from September. And the good news is that their prices are more attractive than ever. It would therefore be a shame to deprive yourself of it.

Bet on cheap but healthy food

Eating for less does not necessarily mean having poor quality food. Some products, including canned food at the top of the list, are economical and at the same time very healthy products. Legumes, for example, are particularly interesting to replace meat at a lower cost. Otherwise, a can of tuna, sardines, or eggs will do the trick by providing you with a good dose of protein, and omega 3 as a bonus.

Family dishes, your budget allies

Who says large format dishes also says big savings. Vegetable gratins, savory autumn pies or seasonal stews… These very simple recipes are as economical as they are practical. If necessary, they adapt to the number of guests and can be frozen for the days when you don’t have time to cook.
In express mode, we opt otherwise for a plate of autumn pasta. Decorated with seasonal vegetables and a protein, it makes a complete dish. As a change from pasta, you can opt for an autumnal risotto, another seasonal classic. With mushrooms, leeks or squash, we love to vary the flavors. Even the rice is replaced by cereals if you want more originality.

Finally, we couldn’t talk about autumn without mentioning vegetable soups, which are also making a comeback. Creamy squash soup and mushroom velouté… Here are recipes that warm the heart and the stomach.

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And for dessert?

Even if you are looking to reduce your food budget, there is no question of skimping on indulgence. Especially since with seasonal fruits, there are so many possibilities. From simple applesauce, to a fruit crumble and sweet autumn pies… Inspiration is not lacking.

Speaking of inspiration, here is our selection of 43 inexpensive seasonal recipes.

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