7 tips to lighten up your Mardi-Gras recipes

Donuts, waffles, pancakes, churros… The carnival and, above all, Mardi Gras, are conducive to the tasting of sweet treats, pleasant for the taste buds, but a little less for the line and for the health. Fortunately, it is possible to have fun without blowing up your blood sugar or bad cholesterol levels! Medisite reveals you seven tricks to lighten these recipes traditional.

The origins of Mardi Gras

Mardi-Gras, which falls on Tuesday March 1 this year, corresponds to last day of the Carnival festivities. Its date is always fixed 47 days before Easter and precedes Ash Wednesday. It is therefore a time of rejoicing and good cheer, just before the privations of Lent. Traditionally, these festivities also celebrate the return of fertility, lactation in the stables and the rebirth of nature, as spring approaches.

It is customary to taste, on this occasion, easy to prepare pastriessuch as pancakes and donuts, whose basic ingredients are eggs, flour and milk. And for good reason, these easy-to-store ingredients were often the last food reserves of the peasants of the time, before spring brought them new provisions.

Mardi-Gras donuts: enjoy in moderation

If these delicacies very popular with children are not necessarily calorie bombs in itself (with the exception of donuts, cooked in oil), they can quickly become if they are covered with honey, jam and spread, and that we eat it in quantity. You will therefore have understood: moderation is essential. For example, we limit ourselves to 2 or 3 pancakes in the same day, and only a teaspoon of accompaniment. And, to further lighten these recipes, we bet on the following tips…

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