On the occasion of Mardi Gras, all fries are welcome! Whether you like them plain or, for the greediest, accompanied by chocolate, jam or sugar: treat your taste buds with our carnival donut recipes.

Carnival donuts, an ancient story

The custom of Carnival donuts goes back to the Roman festivals of Calendes de Mars where we celebrated the awakening of nature. The Romans wore supernatural disguises to ward off invisible spirits. In the Christian religion, before the period of deprivation of Lent, we celebrate Mardi Gras, a festival where it is customary to eat fat, as its name suggests, before entering the period of Lent when the meals are “lean”. Carnival traditionally accompanies this festive and cathartic day. Carnival comes from the Latin words “carne levare” which means “to remove the flesh”. It is therefore the last day before the period of Lent when Christians can eat “fat” and therefore meat… or homemade donuts !

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Each region has its carnival donut recipe!

It is very easy to go around France (and even around the world) from donut recipes ! Oreillettes in Languedoc, chichi fregi in Provence, bugnes Lyonnais, marvels in Bordeaux or even bougnettes in Catalonia, these fried foods have a different shape and flavor in each region and prove that make carnival donuts is a real institution.

How to stuff carnival donuts?

The traditional recipe for carnival donuts is usually flat, rectangular or diamond-shaped. But you can also take this opportunity to make round donuts, like the famous berlin balls. Some choose to garnish them with jam or spread before baking, but it is easier to do so afterwards. For stuff carnival donuts, take a piping bag and fill it with the treat of your choice. Make a hole in the side of the donut and fill it until the filling comes out of the hole.

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