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To warm you up this season, prepare the best soup recipe unveiled by Carrefour. And in addition, it is very economical!

With this freezing cold, are you looking for any way to warm up? And why not with a very hot soup? Discover the perfect recipe, delivered by Carrefour. You will simply enjoy yourself.

How to survive winter temperatures?

It will not have escaped you, winter is still here to last a little while. And yes, forget for the moment the idea of ​​taking your favorite dresses out of your closets, because it is the coats that always hold the star!

And who says “winter”, says need to find “Solutions for warming up”. For this, there is of course the heating that you can push to the bottom at home. But watch out for bills!

This year, with the price of energy, they are likely to be particularly salty. To not lose any degree, you can also bet at Carrefour on the purchase of this knit sweater to keep you warm at home.

But sometimes these simple clothes are not enough. So, to find a little warmth, some use and abuse hot drinks. And they are not wrong!

Indeed, nothing better than a good hot chocolate or a cup of tea or coffee to warm up. The foods or drinks that we eat are caloric sources that allow the body to maintain its temperature.

During the cold days of the season, do not hesitate to sit at the table around your hot and comforting meals which will thus help you to face negative temperatures.

Star of winter meals, Raclette is also a natural addition to the menu. At Carrefour, we also have other recipes to delight you. Like this corn dog to make for less than 2 euros per person!

Only here, these dishes, as greedy as they are, are also rather caloric. The ideal would therefore be to be able to warm up while keeping the line…

Carrefour unveils its healthy soup recipe

You guessed it, the most obvious solution in this case is to eat soup ! Delicious, easy to make and digest, this one is really a must for our winter meals.

What if instead of buying it ready-made, you started making this recipe delivered by Carrefour? On Instagram, the brand has just shared the recipe for its homemade vegetable velouté. And it is a delight.

To succeed, you need a few ingredients to shop in the supermarket. You will need a leek, an onion, two cloves of garlic and a pumpkin.

Then chop all the vegetables coarsely and put them in a baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil and bake at 180°C for 45 minutes.

A simple recipe to make

Once your vegetables are cooked, what’s next is even easier. All you have to do is place them in a blender and puree everything.

add almond milk or coconut to the preparation to make it more liquid. And it’s ready! Your winter soup made thanks to Carrefour just has to be served.

Accompany it with nice slices of bread. Or some spices to enhance the taste. It’s up to you to find the twists you like to serve it to your taste. What is certain is that this uneconomical recipe will be a big hit with you.

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