High & Fines Herbes: the best of the start of season 4

While waiting for the rest, we take stock of the best moments of the first two episodes of season 4 of High & Fines Herbes.

Caballero & Jeanjass, the best rappers and above all the best entertainers are back to give us a new dose of entertainment. More than two years after season 3 and five years after the first edition, the game’s most smoky reality web-series returns with a fourth delivery, the very one that will promote volume 2 of the High & Fines Herbes mixtape. If you’re looking for a better way to start 2023, we’ve found it for you.

Well, if you’ve seen the previous episodes, you already know the concept: during this program inspired by the American-style shows of Action Bronson, six participants compete in crazy events to try to win the fuc*ing lung Golden. The subtlety of these? All of them are closely or remotely related to weed and cooking.

After three successful seasons, the Double Hélice duo has revised its ambitions and its means of production upwards for this fourth delivery. This time, the candidates, in this case the artists Jimmy La Loutre, Le Juiice, Savage Toddy, Limsa D’Aulnay, the Quebec MC Rowjay and Arthur, the first and already essential “civilian” have put down their suitcases in a magnificent villa catalonia. Who will win the Golden Lung this year? To find out, we’ll have to wait until the end of the season and the release of the mixtape, but until then, we’re having the best moments from the first two episodes.

Episode 1: The Deadly Aquarium

High & Fines Herbes, in addition to madmen’s trials, increasingly “green” and family-friendly recipes and hilarious post-prod comments from Caba and JJ, there are also beautiful skewers of guests, each one more prestigious. than the others. For the opening of hostilities, the Belgian duo hit hard with Da Uzi aka the sauce master, Gazo the shooter and of course Rim’K, our favorite uncle from the bled. Under the impartial judgment of Supreme Judge DJ Eskondo, they will have to make the candidates live in a “deadly aquarium”. Understand that our six competitors are locked in a van and must resist the toxic smoke from a huge weed cannon for as long as possible.

After this test won by three by Limsa, Savage and Rowjay, it’s time to go to the kitchen. The recipe for this first episode of tuna in crispy sushi with basil sauce and weed-smoked chimichurri. Of this first culinary test, we will obviously remember Gazo’s severed finger and Da Uzi’s freakout in the kitchen. Not to mention the completely lunar performance of Arthur the civilian in the kitchen, he who just before filming had offered himself a little trip to the stars of his own interior. As for us, let’s not wait for it to come down and jump straight to episode 2.

Episode 2: High Star Game

Since everyone now knows the candidates, no time to lose: it goes straight to the second test, the High Star Game. You will have guessed it thanks to the title, it is neither more nor less than a basketball game under substances. The one coached by Mehdi Maïzi (Le Juiice, La Loutre and Rowjay), will be under the influence of CBD while the one worn by Da Uzi (Limsa, Savage Toddy and Arthur) will take her dose of THC. The first team to 21 points wins. On paper, it’s cool, but the problem is that among the skewer of candidates, none is visibly predisposed for basketball. Add to that the effect of their fuel on their bodies and you will understand why this match gave us great moments of laughter. Final score, 8-0 for Mehdi’s team.

Apart from the stratospheric individual performances of Le Juiice and Jimmy La Loutre, we especially had the right to a lot of waste on the ground. Limsa D’Aulnay’s words perfectly sum up the situation: “Under substance, you’re less efficient, but it’s more fun to lose. I’d rather lose hard than not lose hard, but since I often lose, I often get high before I play.” There you go, nothing to add.

In the kitchen, Kookie Krisp are on the menu, a high version of the famous cereals. To prepare them, Caballero & JeanJass asked Mehdi Maïzi, Rowjay and Luv Resval, the champion of season 3 to whom this whole season 4 is dedicated. .

Eating cereals on a luxury boat: did you dream of it? They did it. Everything happens in chill mode in the good atmosphere, sharing and conviviality. It’s wonderful, but we are only waiting for one thing: to be able to taste and buy Cabba and JJ’s Kookie Krisp when they are available on the market. For sure it would be beautiful, but we don’t really believe it.

If humor and good humor take precedence throughout the episode, this one takes on a particular flavor in spite of itself since it is the last appearance of Luv Resval alive. As a reminder, the rapper left us in October 2022 at the age of 24 “following a serious asthma attack”. When Caba asks him if he intends to return for a potential season 5, we can’t help but shed a little tear. Peace to your soul Luv.

But the author of the Dark Star is not the only one to make his big comeback in High & Fines Herbes since at the very end of the episode, the emperor of filth Alkpote surprised everyone by landing on the boat: “surprise motherfuckers! “, he swings in his usual finesse. This promises us a very fat recipe for episode 3.

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