Ventoux rosé and the octopus dish of starred chef Nicolas Bottero

The wine: Domaine Les Chancel – LeRosé n°1

PDO Ventoux
Price: 12 €

For Anne and Pierre Chancel, a second life in symbiosis with nature was born after a career in the medical world. Their will ? Write a new page together and contribute, even on a small scale, to bringing new blood to the world of organic wine, both on an emotional, wine tourism and eco-responsible level. The Sensational Path, a discovery trail made up of visual, olfactory and gustatory sensations set up at the estate by the couple, is the perfect illustration of this new way of tasting wine in full awareness in the middle of the vines. And at the end of the course: a picnic prepared by a starred chef from the region, including Nicolas Bottero
The estate extends over 30 hectares, 12 of which are organically grown vines. Each parcel is vinified separately in order to seek the expression of each micro-terroir. Rosé number 1 is characterized by its particularly fresh and fruity palate with notes of small red and exotic fruits. “This gastronomic and characterful rosé goes perfectly with this saline recipe. The drink has substance, chest and volume, which allows it to respond to the sauce linked to the rouille, itself very tasty. The salinity of the wine goes well with this seafood“, explains Nicolas Bottero.

Available online at Les Chancel

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The recipe: octopus with Colonnata bacon and Nicolas Bottero rouille sauce

Nicolas Bottero trained with Alain Ducasse, with whom he worked at the Louis XV in Monaco and at the Bastide de Moustiers, not without making a few deviations by going to perfect his skills with Michel Bras or Philippe Rochat. He opened his first Mas Bottero in 2010 in Grenoble, which he passed on to his second Florian Poyet in 2016, before opening his new establishment in Provence the following year, a stone’s throw from Aix-en-Provence. He obtained his first star there in 2020. At Mas Bottero, he develops a personal, refined and generous cuisine that pays tribute to the terroir and the know-how of the local producers with whom he works. With his octopus, he offers a journey between land and sea, punctuated by products with character, such as Italian Colonnata bacon. This dish allows you to discover Provençal and southern pairings with, at its centre, an emblematic mollusc of the Mediterranean.

For dessert, to finish your drink: strawberry sweetness and creamy olive oil and white chocolate

Strawberry sweetness and creamy with olive oil and white chocolateAt dessert time, this gourmet wine with notes of red fruits marries the strawberry and its spices in this dish with a slightly peppery finish, not very sweet, where the freshness is preserved.

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