Weekend menu: recipe ideas from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 December

Mushroom velouté, roasted pumpkin, leek and vanilla tart… Meals on Friday evening and Saturday lunch put winter flavors in the spotlight. For dessert, treats will be on the menu with gingerbread Christmas shortbread and a pecan and cinnamon cake.

Saturday evening, we have of course prepared an exceptional New Year’s Eve dinner for you. We start with babas-style bites with vodka, smoked salmon and creamy avocado, for a chic festive aperitif. This is followed by a carrot velouté with exotic notes accompanied by foie gras, then pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter. Recipes that are simple, refined and colorful. What more ? Finally, the meal ends with a Napoleon praline cake, a sort of Russian cousin of the mille-feuille.

We hope you will have room the next day, because Sunday noon is the Christmas meal. And beware, there are beautiful people. The menu opens with cheese gougères as appetizers, and a sumptuous champagne cocktail. As a starter, we bet on scallops accompanied by a watercress broth with matcha butter. Our advice for cooking the scallops, sear them for 15 seconds on each side in a hot pan, then bake them for 4 minutes at 180°C.
For the main course, tradition obliges, we chose poultry, a chicken more precisely, stuffed with foie gras, and its apples stuffed with bacon. As for dessert, we opted for a coffee, chocolate and caramel ice cream log. A dessert that will not leave your guests frozen.

What about Sunday evening? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Endive salad with Comté cheese, soft-boiled eggs and oven-roasted fruit will punctuate this weekend of festivities.

What menu for my Christmas weekend?

Friday night
Mushroom and chervil velouté
Roasted pumpkin with semolina garlic and burrata
Gingerbread men

Saturday afternoon
Orange trout ceviche
Leek and vanilla tart
Pecan and spice cake

Saturday night
Baba vodka, smoked salmon and creamy avocado
Carrot velouté with passion fruit and coconut milk, pan-fried foie gras bread crust
Pumpkin gnocchi, sage butter
Praline Napoleon cake

Sunday noon
Royal mimosa cocktail
Gougères with cheese and cumin
Scallops, watercress with matcha tea
Chicken stuffed with foie gras, apples stuffed with bacon
Coffee, chocolate and caramel ice cream log

Sunday night
Endive salad with Comté cheese, pomegranate and walnuts, honey vinaigrette
Bacon Mushroom Boiled Eggs
Baked comfort fruits

My express shopping for the weekend

No time to lose, here is the list of everything you will need.
For vegetables, you need mushrooms, pumpkin, carrots, leeks, avocados, and endives. Regarding fruits, oranges, clementines, apples and quince are to be slipped into your basket.
Then go to the butcher’s to get a nice chicken, bacon and bacon. Along the way, take a detour to the charcuterie for a jar of foie gras. As long as you are in the fresh aisle, also consider buying salmon, smoked trout and scallops from the fishmonger, as well as Comté cheese and butter.
For dry goods, stock up on flour, eggs and sugar. The recipes offered this weekend also call for coconut milk, matcha tea, nuts and praline. If you can’t find the latter in stores, know that it is possible to make your own homemade praline with hazelnuts and sugar.
Finally, we do not forget the champagne, to toast with our guests.

Merry Christmas !

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