which moon to sow the seeds and make seedlings at the end of October? Efficient and economical

Our 2022 lunar calendar will tell you which moon to choose for sowing seeds and planting in October, what work to do in the orchard and vegetable garden. But first, it should be pointed out that following the moon is a easy way for you to maximize your gardening success is to work with nature’s lunar cycles. Moon planting was practiced by farmers and gardeners who were in tune with nature’s patterns.

In the modern world, many gardeners have lost sight of this age-old scientific technique.

The moon has four ‘phases’ or ‘quarters’ – each lasting around 7 days. During the first two quarters, the “new” black moon you see becomes larger and more visible. This is called the “waxing” phase. You see an increase in light until the full moon is visible. The 3ᵉ and 4ᵉ quarters are after the full moon. This is when the light begins to dim. Then the cycle begins again.

Each month the lunar phases rotate from new to full moon and vice versa

lunar calendar 2022 full moon

What is the significance of the moon phases?

Just as the moon influences the rise and fall of the tides, it also has a gravitational effect on the moisture in plants, soil, and groundwater. These effects are amplified at different times of the lunar cycle of the month:

  • The tides are highest, for example, at the time of the new and full moon when the lunar gravity pulls the water upwards. At the same time, the moon also raises the humidity in the earth. There is more moisture in the soil at this time. This encourages the seeds to swell, burst and germinate, as this is when they absorb the most water. If you’ve ever had trouble germinating seeds, try again. At the right time of the month. The difference you will have in results over the years will convince you that timing has a major effect on successful seed germination. Knowing when soil moisture is increasing can help you have better seed germination success. If you buy or plant seeds, it can save you a lot of money over time.

It is therefore a good time to plant your roots and bulbs

lunar calendar 20022 garden planting bulbs

  • The amount of moonlight at different times also influences plant growth. As the moonlight increases (New Moon and Second Quarter), it stimulates leaf growth.
  • After the full moon, the moonlight diminishes, putting energy into the roots of plants. At this time, the growth of leaves above the ground slows down. This minimizes the need for intervention to fix a problem plus the cost and time required for pest control.

Plants have fewer pests because they are stronger

lunar calendar planting onion bulbs

The lunar calendar divides the 28-day lunar cycle into 6 distinct gardening periods. It reveals the optimal days to plant different crops, when to harvest, propagate, prune, fertilize, cultivate and even the best time to fish! So how exactly do you moon garden or plant near the moon? The method involves tracking the phases of the moon on a simple, easy-to-use lunar calendar. You set the date for the new moon at the beginning of each month and use it year after year.

The period tells you precisely what activities to do at different times of the month

what a moon to sow the seeds fields of wheat to the moon

What gestures in October?

waning moon

Root days

  • 22 – 25: Influence of the moon on roots and vegetation: garlic, onion, beetroot, carrot, celery, shallot, endive, cucumber, eggplant, potato.

Work in the vegetable garden

lunar calendar 2022 grains and plants carrots on ground

leaf days

  • 27 – 28: Lawns, shrubs (without flowers), parsley, lettuce, cabbage.

Basically, anything green

lunar calendar 2022 october grass

Fruits and Seeds Day

30: hazelnuts, chestnuts, tomatoes, peas, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, beans, strawberries, raspberries, beans, melon, peppers, pumpkins, fruit trees.

You’ve got plenty of work picking up your fruits

lunar calendar 2022 october pears

rising moon

Root days



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