44 recipes to take to the office to make back-to-school easier

Who says end of vacation also says return to the office, mailbox to sort and meetings in shambles. So to gently get back on track, we concoct a complete lunch box with gourmet and practical dishes. The advantage? It will cost you less than eating out, and you will have the satisfaction of enjoying a home-cooked meal. As for the organization, cook your lunch the night before, so you don’t have to stress early in the morning with the preparations.

What dishes to take to the office?

Pasta salads, savory cakes, summer sandwiches… We are inspired by picnic recipes that we have tasted all summer long. Not only does it seem to extend the holidays, but they are also perfectly adapted to transport, so why deprive yourself of it? In the “simplicity” category, we also ask for savory pies. Just prepare a large one in advance to have his next two lunches ready.
Also make sure that your meals are nutritionally balanced. Even if you are not at home, you will still need vitamins, proteins and starches. No question of ignoring one or the other, for a serene and healthy recovery.

In terms of flavors, some summer flagship products are still available in September. Tomatoes, artichokes, peppers, zucchini, aubergines… We enjoy them until the last moment. At the same time, autumn fruits and vegetables are slowly but surely beginning to return to the plates. Especially grapes, endive and carrots, which will add crunch to your recipes.

The only precaution to take regarding take-out meals, make sure that the containers are airtight. The journey to the office can sometimes turn out to be more sporty than expected, and mistreat your boxes. If possible, plan a carrying bag separate from your office stuff. This will avoid morning accidents and your belongings will be saved in the event of a leak. As for the sauces and dressings of the back-to-school salads, they are placed in containers separate from the dish. This will prevent fragile foods from cooking and losing their freshness.
Finally, as the temperatures are still quite high, we do not forget to take a block of ice with us, to preserve the dish during transport.

Our takeaway ideas for a stress-free return to school

Quinoa salad, avocado and eggs; feta tart and fresh herbs; pan bagnat… We promised you something practical and gourmet, and we intend to keep our promise. The proof with these 44 takeaway recipes for lunch at the office.

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