Cyril Lignac’s advice for a successful lemon cake

From Monday to Friday, at 8:45 a.m. on RTL, Cyril Lignac gives us his culinary advice and tips by answering a question asked by a listener. Here is “The Chef’s Tip” for making a lemon cake.


Tip n°1: a very creamy softened butter

To start, make a butter ointment. You are free to melt it slightly in a bain-marie or in the microwave: you can also take it out of the fridge before preparing it, adds Cyril Lignac. Little by little, the butter becomes “very creamy, very smooth”, explains the Chef on RTL.

Tip n°2: a slightly liquid paste

Incorporate 2 whole eggs and sugar in the softened butter until a “slightly runny” paste is obtained, according to the favorite Chef of the French.

Tip n°3: flour and baking powder

In another container, mix the flour and a bag of yeast, also known as “baking powder”, specifies Cyril Lignac. Then add this mixture to the dough made with butter, eggs and sugar.

Tip 4: lemon juice and zest

Zest, juice… Lemons are used entirely in Cyril Lignac’s lemon cake recipe. Logically, zest 2 lemons and squeeze them to recover their juice, then incorporate everything into the dough.

Tip n°5: cooking the lemon cake

To finish, pour the lemon batter into a cake tin, a cake tin or, even better depending on the Chef, a sponge cake mold. Whatever your choice, butter and flour the mold, then tap well to remove the excess flour, explains the pastry chef. Bake the lemon dessert for 20 minutes at 180°C : “Frankly, there is nothing easier”, concludes Cyril Lignac!

news of the day

Cyril Lignac recalls from the start of his column that his lemon cake is particularly simple to make. This soft dessert, ideal for children, can also be concocted with blood orangesor with a mixture of lemon juice lemon and of yuzu acidulous. As a sweet treat for Christmas, the favorite French Chef recommends using clementines to give a festive and seasonal note to this citrus cake.

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