Mardi gras is an opportunity to dress up to end the carnival period in style and celebrate the end of the approaching winter. The tradition is that we taste lots of little sweet treats to delight the taste buds. But by the way, why, at Mardi Gras, do we have this tradition of eating donuts, bugnes, waffles, chichis and other pancakes, also called carnival donuts?

Where does the tradition of carnival donuts come from?

Mardi gras is a very old festival, widespread throughout Europe since the Middle Ages, which marked the end of the carnival period, and the beginning of Lent. Before Lent, a period of fasting observed by Christians to prepare for the great feast of Easter, there was feasting in order to exhaust the reserves of fatty food: meat, eggs, butter. This is where the tradition of preparing pancakes, donuts and waffles for the occasion was born, with many variations depending on the region. It is likely that donut making goes back even further, as some evocations are found in stories from Roman times.

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Yum, these puffed and sweet choux pastry donuts!

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