Vegan mayonnaise with aquafaba: video recipe

Being vegan does not necessarily mean giving up a good creamy and gourmet mayonnaise! Learn how to prepare mayonnaise without eggs, made with aquafaba: an easy and tasty way to prepare vegan mayonnaise!

What is aquafaba mayonnaise?

In your pantry, there is a secret weapon that allows you to make many recipes without the use of eggs: it is chickpea juice. See that dense liquid these canned legumes are stored in? It’s aquafaba… an ingredient that should never be wasted!

It is indeed a practical and easy to identify egg substitute, which lends itself to many culinary uses and allows the production of 100% vegan meringues, pastries and sauces.
Aquafaba mayonnaise can replace ordinary mayonnaise as a condiment and be served to accompany your dishes and fries!

How to make aquafaba mayonnaise

To make aquafaba mayonnaise you will need: aquafaba, ground mustard, salt, apple cider vinegar, brown rice syrup, vegetable oil and an immersion blender.

Put all the ingredients except the vegetable oil in a container. Turn on the blender and drizzle the vegetable oil into the mixture until it becomes thick and creamy. Serve immediately or reserve in the refrigerator for later.

Watch how easy it is to make this vegan mayonnaise in the video below:

You can use this vegan mayonnaise recipe as a base and add other flavors as you wish: garlic, chilli, lemon and pepper, etc.

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