Chinese shortbread with almonds from “Kung Fu Panda”

A noodle soup? Plump baos? Small Chinese dishes are not lacking in this animated film. There is even a crunchy little cake ideal for celebrating the Lunar New Year in style.

Favorite delicacy of Po, the hero of Kung Fu Panda, released in 2008, baos, these delicious little filled buns, are good for all sauces: they can even become ideal training tools for learning all the secrets of the martial art that Master Shifu is trying to instill in this bear .

Nevertheless, if I had offered you a baos recipe, you would have cursed me for several generations. Make the stuffing, let the dough rise, shape it into a disc, put flour everywhere, fold it delicately after watching several tutorials, wait for the rising time… the kind of recipes that should not be made with children in the legs, although they are always willing to devour them. Exit the plump briochette, especially since, since pandas feed on 99% bamboo, we don’t really know what it can be filled with in the cartoon…

Another dish strongly present in this entertainment and that I could have offered you: noodle soup (with or without white radish). Because San Ping, Po’s adoptive father, runs a shop famous for his radish noodle soup. It was in a basket of radishes that he found Po, who was eating them with so much enthusiasm that he changed the soup recipe handed down by his father and grandfather. Now embellished with spring onions, its success would come from a secret ingredient that I am hard pressed to give you, except to divulge the end of the film. So, in case of urgent desire, please refer to this simple version of ramen, certainly Japanese, but we will remember on this occasion that the preparation is indeed from China. And despite San Ping’s hopes, his son doesn’t seem quite ready to take up the torch, well, the pot.

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