the most beautiful decoration inspirations seen on Pinterest

Whether by tradition or because any pretext is good to try to resuscitate the atmosphere, we necessarily have a good reason to celebrate the lunar new year.

And no festivities worthy of the name without a decoration at height. In anticipation of 12 FebruaryI’Middle Kingdom therefore invites itself into our interiors.

Lunar New Year: these inspirations spotted on Pinterest for festivities in style

To taste your Dim Sum and other Luóbogao in a slamming atmosphere, take out the paper lanternsthem pom pomsand above all, do not skimp on the red (symbol of life, happiness, warmth… just that!).

If you want to play it more subtle, you can bet on pretty vases porcelain embellished with branches.

How to open theyear of the metal ox.

(Find all our decoration ideas on our Pinterest board Deco • Design)


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