The recipe for Carrefour cheese nuggets for less than €2

The cheese nuggets are fast becoming our new favorite dish. On the program, melted cheese, good pieces of chicken and crispy breadcrumbs. Or how to warm up winter evenings and treat yourself to an easy-to-prepare meal. To start making cheese nuggets, we take inspiration from the Carrefour recipe, available for less than €2. For this recipe, it is possible to buy all the products at Carrefour, of the same brand Carrefour Classic.

Cheese nuggets for less than €2

Chicken breast
Of flour
Slices of croque-monsieur cheese

Cut the chicken into cubes and then put them in the blender.

Add salt, pepper and paprika (or spices of your choice). Mix everything.

Form flat assortments of your mixture on parchment paper.

Add the cheese in the middle of your preparation and cover with a layer of stuffing.

Dip your preparation in flour, egg and breadcrumbs (follow this order so that your nuggets are well closed).

In a frying pan, heat some oil and cook the nuggets.

Cheap recipes from Carrefour

It is on its Instagram account that the big brand shares its culinary tips and inexpensive recipes. After cheese nuggets for less than €2, Carrefour has also unveiled the recipe for bolognese buns for less than 2€. What to have fun with comforting and accessible dishes at very low prices.

On their account, there are also all kinds of practical tips such as how to make homemade laundry for 1€ but also the recipe for leek quiche for less than 2€. In short, this is the Instagram account to follow for save moneyespecially if you are used to shopping in the various Carrefour stores.

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